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Research Unit at the Humanities Department of the University of Florence

LABLITA is devoted to the study of Italian spoken language on the basis of corpora of spontaneous speech. LabLita develops studies on intonation of Italian, according to specific theoretical and experimentals methods. At present, the Lablita database is made up of open corpora of spontaneous adult spoken language and of a large longitudinal corpora of Italian acquisition. Each corpus is transcribed in CHAT format and annotated with the demarcation of the utterances and their prosodic parsing according to the criteria of the "Language into Act Theory" (LACT) by E. Cresti. Alignment per utterance to the speech signal is also provided. Analysis of intonation are carried out with WINPITCH by P.Martin. (Copyright Pitch Instruments Inc. 1996).
LABLITA distributes Italian and multilingual language resources.


to the LABLITA Research Unit of the University of Florence.
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Prosody: Information Structure, Grammar, Interaction

University of Trento, 19th September 2014

Model-act Meeting

LABLITA, 27 Gennaio 2014


Special session with Prof. Girish Nath Jha Jawaharlal Nehru, University - New Delhi
LABLITA - January 22th 2014

LABLITA Open Access Collection

Ontology of action images for L2 acquisition in multilingual environment
Dynamic resources of italian language into the web
logo AXMEDIS Automatic Production of Cross Media Content for Multichannel Distribution
logo CORALROM Integrated Reference Corpora for Spoken Romance Language

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