Evaluation of the C-ORAL-ROM Prosodic Annotation by an independent organization

Subcontracting LOQUENDO (Turin)

Loquendo C-Oral-Rom Prosodic Tagging Evaluation Final Report
PDF format (190kB)  


  1. Background and rationale of the evaluation
  2. Generation of the Samples
  3. Training of the Evaluators
  4. Procedures for the Evaluation
  5. Evaluators Forms
PDF format (140 kB)

Commentaries from the Advisoring and Assesment Board of the C-ORAL-ROM Project

Marc Swerts' comment
IPO, Center for User-System Interaction (Eindhoven)
PDF format (8 kB)

Juan María Garrido Almiñana's comment
Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo
PDF format (9 kB)